Operator Training

Does the quality of your PA sound poor?
Do you have regular bursts of feedback or other problems?

Often these issues can be solved by competently training your PA system operators.

ABP Audio runs audio system training onsite on YOUR equipment to ensure your operators feel comfortable come performance, service or event time. Training for system operators runs for a duration of 3 hours and features hands-on instruction and operation time for all participants as well as a printed colour booklet with practical guides on system operation.  See our Services-Operator Training page for more details.

Audio System Training
From $99 per 3 hour session (inc. any GST) : Plus $49 per person (min. of 4 participants)

**For church-based training, it is recommended that church musicians be involved so that participants can mix the church “house” band to ensure a more typical operational scenario.

Important information:
• Maximum number of participants limited to 10 to ensure adequate instruction for all participants
• Church musicians will not pay fees (unless they are also an operator) and are welcome to learn
• A cancellation less than 7 days prior to the event will incur the $99 base training fee