Operator Training

Does the quality of your PA sound poor?
Do you have regular bursts of feedback or other problems?
Can your musicians hear themselves adequately in their foldback mixes?
Does your setup time before rehearsals or services get eaten away by lengthy sound checks?

Although equipment quality and configuration can be contributors, often these issues can be solved by competently training your PA system operators.

ABP Audio runs audio system training onsite on YOUR equipment to ensure your operators feel comfortable come performance, service or event time. Training for system operators runs for a duration of 3 hours and features hands-on instruction and operation time for all participants, as well as a printed colour booklet with practical guides on system operation, including:


  • Why have live sound reinforcement?
  • Priorities for sound systems setup and operation
  • How to plug equipment in
  • Why am I not getting any sound?

Mics for Instruments:

  • Spoken word vocals, sung vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar amps, bass guitar, keyboards and pianos, orchestral instruments, drums and percussion
  • Which mic should I use? Dynamic, condenser & wireless mics
  • Building Acoustics – How to work with difficult buildings

Mixing Skills:

  • What do all the controls on the desk do?
  • How do I create a good mix?
  • EQ’ing instruments
  • Running sound checks from the desk
  • Mixing foldback monitors
  • Eliminating Feedback
  • It’s too loud – what can I do?
  • Controlling musician’s stage levels

** For church training days it is recommended that church musicians be involved so that participants can mix the church “house” band to ensure a more typical operational scenario.

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